Internet Highlights

Today I’m rounding up my favorite bits from the interwebs this week, things that I’ve found interesting, useful or simply entertaining.

  • What a fabulous method for making perfectly-pointed collars from Off The Cuff.
  • As I’m preparing to work on my Minoru muslin I’ve been looking for useful instructions about dart manipulation. I found these two posts about moving darts to side seams and general dart manipulation. They don’t answer all my questions but they’re a useful jumping off point.
  • This post from In House Patterns about back and neckline shaping is also helpful.
  • I’ve just started watching The Great British Sewing Bee and was checking out Lauren’s website. Lauren was a runner up in the first season. She posted a review ten days ago of the show’s newest accompanying book, The Great British Sewing Bee: Fashion with Fabric, along with one of her makes from the book. The skirt is nice and all, but I am OBSESSED with the shirt she’s wearing with it. Lauren admits in the comments that it’s a store-bought shirt, but I’m determined to figure out a way to copy it!

And those buttons on the yoke!

Love those pintucks!


6 thoughts on “Internet Highlights

  1. Tatterdemalion says:

    Hi Hannah,

    My site has been terribly neglected for years, and I can’t promise that will change any time soon (I’m in grad school right now). However, when I was keeping that site current, the posts I did on drafting were the most rewarding to write and the ones that the most people have found the most useful and worth finding. I’m glad to know that you are one of the people who found it helpful.

    *If* I were to scrounge up some time to write, I’m really curious to know what questions you still have about dart manipulation. If you’ve got the time to share, I’d love to hear!



    • Hannah says:

      Thanks for commenting! I totally understand the time pressures of grad school but in case you have time, here’s what I’m working on. So I’m trying to work on removing neckline gathers from a jacket pattern and had originally been assuming I’d make them into darts but leave them at the neckline. But then I saw someone’s version of this jacket and they mentioned treating the gathers like darts and then rotating them to the waist so they basically disappeared. I think I sort of understand how that would work but I’m such a visual learner that not being able to see it before I try it totally freaks me out. Any thoughts you have would be so appreciated!


  2. Tatterdemalion says:

    I’m almost positive I can give you advice in the right direction, but I am unsure how much patience you have to wait. It may take me a month to get the post put together and put up, but I think it’s a great question, so I really want to tackle it! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. . .


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