About Me

How I Started:
I learned very basically how to sew when I was a kid. My grandmother sewed wedding dresses for a while when she was young and has continued to sew since then. She passed on some of her sewing skills to my father so I learned to sew from both of them. In high school I picked up knitting and spent the next decade or so with that as my main making focus. I slowly got interested in quilts, bags and other accessories and really wanted a sewing machine. That’s what I spent most of the first year with my machine working on.
When I discovered that there were some garment patterns intended for quilting cottons I decided to check those out but still didn’t think sewing with expensive and tricky apparel fabric was my thing. But after those first few garments were made, I was hooked. For the first half of 2014 I slowly ventured into different fabrics and more interesting patterns but that really took off about a year ago.

What I’m Sewing With:
I do most of my sewing on a Brother CS6000i sewing machine named Buster. I learned to sew as a kid on my grandmother’s lovely old Singer which hopefully I’ll inherit someday.
As I got more into garment construction, specifically knits, it felt important to add a serger to my arsenal. I have a Brother 1034d serger named Jasper. I can in no way justify buying a coverstitch machine at this point but boy do they look enticing.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Mary Ann Cantella says:

    Hi Hannah,
    We are here with your Mom on Cape Cod. We have had a wonderful weekend being together. We have really enjoyed looking at your blog that your mother says she still cannot get over. We all think you have quite a lot of talent. I know you are inspiring me to start sewing but of course the projects will look nothing like yours. Love from all of us, The M’s


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