The Makes

A gallery of finished projects. Where possible the photo links to the project’s blog post.

Unphotographed projects

  • dress made of jersey tank/pillowcase skirt
  • purple striped maxi dress
  • flowered voile skirt
  • purple and green voile skirt
  • red striped shot cotton skirt
  • washi dress with koi seaweed fabric
  • washi ristretto dress hack
  • washi dress for Mom with shot cotton
  • washi tunic for mom with Nani Iro double gauze
  • mint green jersey tank
  • turquoise plantain tee
  • light blue myrtle dress
  • striped moneta dress
  • pink jersey maxi skirt
  • grey Hudson pants for Louisa
  • railroad stripe negroni for  Martin (doesn’t fit, saddest thing ever)
  • striped minimalist cowl dress
  • ties for Garrett
  • Purl Bee robe

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